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(Thats me and a punk(Wan) siting in front of airfan.) Pictures taken from Sani Handphone..

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 6 March 2004, 11:40 a.m(8 more days)

      .:WEnt to C.t Hall yesterday alone...slept in the train sey..suddenly i woke up, and found my self at raffles place. quickly went out, and took the train across the platform..and found my self in the wrong train!ahaha...went down at tanjong pagar and took another train to c.h...then walk by myself...look here and there so many gangsters everywhere...then went down to memo and saw abdillah with his girlfriend, ifah..then hantar dier balik then minum.

                We drank at the peninsula on the 3 rd story,oh yeah..we drank black cat with no air balas sey....then cant remember much and we head to esplanade where Wak(abdillah friend) ask us to go...he had another black cat too..i sat down, drink some but didnt realise i drink 2 black cat...then i cant remember much..then went to cineleisure and ate...but then went going home to mrt...and Uwekk~*...then after that, we steady ourself..and head home to admiralty.....then ask nana to fetch me back..but me dun want...ahha...then hantar ab balik...after that went to nana house...and baring here and there then nana blanja me duit teksi to go home..haiz..guilty me..STOP STOP...well, i shud say that being drunk is not good well although it is a bit fun..but its hard to steady urself though..u will have headaches and all that...but what the hell anyway....drinking is BAN to all islam!!!so better stop it ppl...and its so expensive sey....for $13+ i could buy a mcdonald meal or what ever, u cud even blanjar ur friend or ur mataair..~hahaa well enuf talk..takut orang cakap...banyak bising banyak bohong kan,.,wahaha,,,,kidding yer..

         Well, 8 more days to mt ophir yer...all pack and ready to go..hmm...i shud bring my camera along just in case nak amik pics yang lawa¬≤ ke...hmm...i want to use a new background music..takut orang jelak plak kan ngan music ni..


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name: Mohd Azri Bin Samsuddin
age: 15

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Race: Malay


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Loves: My family of course and Nana

Friends: All my skinhead mates, Sani

Hates:ERm..Bastards, bacstabbers.Being alone,liars, and people who talk behind my back!So watch ur back!

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